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8 Cavitation/Vacuum Therapy/RF

8 Cavitation/Vacuum Therapy/RF

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This bundle includes 8-120 minute sessions.

Detox sauna blanket has been added to this service. Burn 400-600 calories and heat up fat to prepare for fat shrinking and melting.

Client will receive cavitation, vacuum therapy & radio frequency.

Cavitation melts fat cells by using ultrasound sound waves. Fat cells are shrunken and emptied out.

Vacuum therapy suctions and breaks up fat pockets and cellulite.

Radio Frequency is used for skin tightening and to promote the production of collagen and elastin. RF also helps to treat stretch marks.

Must drink plenty of water to help push newly melted fat through the lymphatic drainage system through urine and poop. Detoxing helps as it deals with circulation and cleansing the blood before treatments

Must waist train for 3 days 5-8 hours a day following each treatment

Session will end with vibration plate.  Our body vibrating machine proved to help burn body fat, reduces cellulite improve flexibility, relieve chronic pains, and promote muscle strength & blood circulation.  The use of vibration plate is the necesary exercise needed to pass the fat cells that we just melted.

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